„All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.“ Galileo Galileo

karjera - sekliai

„It does not matter what you want to do or what talent you are rewarded, just do it“ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

We want to attract and educate qualified specialists, as well as to encourage our employees to work for the best results.
Reqruitment of employees
We are trying that in „Gatelis and Partners“ private detective‘s bureau would work true professionals and we are giving various opportunities to those who wants to become one of them. We are employing initiative, those who consistently pursuing their goals and are great team workers.
Improvement and education
We are encouraging our employees to constantly improve, because we believe that our success is based on competent and efficiently working team. It‘s important for us that we could develop while working, share experience with colegues and would gain new skills by attending various courses and seminars.
Reward and recognition
We appreciate employee‘s loyalty and contribution to overall “Gatelis and Partners“ private detective bureau‘s results.
Employees are motivated by financial means: we help to accumulate the pension by insuring them with life insurance.
It is important for us that our work would provide professional satisfaction to our employees and that they could reveal their potential when working. We give the opportunities to advance on the career path.